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      A woman named Eva was browsing the library and she saw an old book with an attractive cover. She picked up the book and prepared to open it, but just then, a man walked up beside her and said,
      "I'm Todd! Don't read that book! If you do, you'll go insane and your head will explode. I should know, I wrote the book."
      Todd then left, but shortly thereafter, a different man walked up to Eva and said, "I'm Nathan. You should really read that book, it's very good."
      Eva was now a little confused, and said, "I can't read it. Todd told me that if I do, I'll go insane and my head will blow up."
      Nathan chuckled and said, "Oh that's just silly. The only reason Todd doesn't want you to read the book is because he knows that if you read it you'll be be like a Todd yourself."
      So, Eva decided to read the book, and sure enough, it contained a great deal of knowledge that was very useful to her.
      When she finished, Nathan said to her, "See? You're much smarter and your head didn't even so much as pop!"
      Eva, was indeed smarter, but just then, Todd showed up.
      "I told you not to read that book!" he yelled.
      "Nathan tricked me!" Eva cried!
      "For punishment, I'm going to beat you up. Then I'm going to beat up your children! And when you have grandchildren, I'll force them to wait on me hand and foot. And if they don't, I'll cover them in gasoline and light them on fire!" Drool began to collect around his mouth as Todd continued to scream, "and you Nathan! I'm going to chop off your legs and shove dirt down your throat!"
      And Todd did everything he promised. Nathan was rendered a paraplegic, and eventually choked to death on dirt. And all of Eva's offspring were forced to do Todd's bidding or he would light them on fire.
      The End.

Now let me ask you, who is the bad guy? Is it Todd or Nathan?



Winterset writes:


My vote for bad-guy of the year is the incestuous, pedophiliac, infantacidal lunatic who gets off on torturing his own children both physically and emotionally.

Hallway writes:


I think the real bad guy was Peter, who was just sitting off to the side the whole time and eating from a bag of popcorn as he watched the whole debacle unfold in front of him. He even laughed when Todd rendered Nathan a paraplegic, that sick bastard.

...hee hee...

Ray writes:


So God is a sexist, or a liar. Hooray, take that, God-lovers!

But yeah, not much else to talk about in this comic today.

rimecuka writes:


Will someone please think of the children!

TBman256 writes:


I think you have a typo in Adam's second speech bubble. "the that fruit"

TheAlmightyGuru writes:


Typo fixed. Thanks TBman256!

Katy writes:


@Ray: Yahweh is both sexist and prone to lies - he admits as much several times in the Old Testament by his treatment of women and by specifically saying he would send false prophecies to prophets and then destroy them for believing those prophecies. Niiiiice ...


Oh the irony!