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Adam owns up to eating the fruit in Genesis 3:12, but not before outing Eve as well. I guess, if you're going down, it's good to take someone with you, right? Throughout the bible women get the shaft... and not in the good way.

For those of you not familiar with British idioms, "It's a fair cop," is a phrase you say in order to admit doing something wrong. For you geeks, it's the last phrase spoken by the witch in Monty Python and the Holy Grail. Hey, the word idiom is also used in that movie! Is there anything Monty Python can't do? Ni!



Ray writes:


I seem to remember "Ni" was the "Knights Who Say Ni"'s way of avoiding saying "It". As the only word in a sentence, wouldn't it be grammatically incorrect used in the way you just used it?

Also, I kind of blame Eve in this situation. She gave the fruit to him, presumably of her own will.

Winterset writes:


Blame? In any sane society the bestowing upon another of the understanding of right and wrong would be a credit. Generally it would take years and involve much love and tribulation. I think they call it "good parenting".

In the screwed up society the bible is trying to build it's something worthy of blame and punishment. Someone really needs to teach these people the basic tenets of operant conditioning.

TBman256 writes:


@Ray I don't remember them using "Ni" instead of "it". I thought they just said it at random.

Mr-know-it-all writes:


Never seen any Monthy Pithon beyond the good old Holy Hand Grenade of Antioch, but as far as intuition goes, "Ni" seems to stem from latin "Nil", meaning "nothing".

of topic writes:


yea, they just said "Ni" at random. but if someone said "it" they would freak out.

Winterset writes:


There are no more Knights Who Say Ni. They switched and became the Knights Who Say [some really long thing I can't remember].

Amber writes:


I was taught that Eve was deceived/seduced/whatever by the serpent, which caused her to eat the fruit and give it to Adam. Yet Adam ate the fruit of his own free will, without being deceived. So I've never understood why Eve, who I think had a fairly good excuse, was blamed for the fall of man but Adam was just some poor victim.

Winterset writes:



Simple: the bible was written by men.

Kim writes:


Remember there were two trees? God kicks them out of Eden on the flimsiest excuse, because he doesn't want them to figure out that he lied to them about the one fruit so he probably also lied to them about the other fruit, and it might even be better.... The other fruit was from the Tree of Life, and would make them immortal, and they "would be as Gods". So God had to get them out of their before they rivaled his power and He couldn't control them any more.

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