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Remember back when I told you that God told Adam that if he ever ate the fruit, he'd die the same day. Well, here's a funny story... Satan (the serpent) tells them that if they eat the fruit, they'll merely learn right from wrong. I don't want to spoil the next couple panels, but try to guess who's telling the truth and who's lying.

That verbose snake flaps his mouth all through Genesis 3:4-5. I wonder how he learned to speak? For that matter, how did Adam and Eve learn to speak? Maybe they all took night classes together?

I'd like to point out that the serpent is, by far, the most boring villain in the history of literature. Imagine reading a book where the main villain appears out of nowhere and then, for absolutely no reason, decides to kill the heroes, and is then immediately vanquished, never to appear in the book again. What kind of lame story is that? Where's the suspense? Where's the motive? There are far better mythological stories out there.



Spectre100 writes:




kris writes:


Duckie's back -- now Quazar's gone?

Winterset writes:


Given the Covenant between god and satan to not directly interfere in human affairs, and given the concept of miracles, angels, prophets and such like, I think it's pretty obvious that the god of the christians is actually their satan. They're all devil worshipers. It only makes sense that even in the bible the one being called god would be the one doing the lying.

rimecuka writes:


Duckie is looking up between Eve's legs.

Mr-know-it-all writes:


Actually, he doesn't have to look between, she's not wearing any clothings, remember?

On the other hand, somebody had asked if some pig would reach St. Duckie's level of greatness. The pig had a name (and the fact that I don't remember said name does nothing but reinforce the argument), whilst the duckie does not. Now the pig is gone, and the duckie is back. I guess that answers that.

Ray writes:


Lol. How ironic that today we call lying people "Snakes", as in, "You snake!!". Yet here's the snake telling what is pretty much an honest truth.

Baughbe writes:


@ Ray: Our languages/cultures do that a lot. For example a 'Platonic' relationship originally was a sex-based relationship. Around Shakespearean times the meanings for the words 'here' and 'there' are the opposite of what they are today (as I recall from one English lit class). Machiavellian is a rather different meaning than what Machiavelli actually wrote. And political terms as a fluid as water depending on who is using them and who their audience is.

Mr-know-it-all writes:


One of the best examples of words switched in meaning is Juliet's "Romeo, Romeo, wherefore art thou, Romeo?". That "wherefore" means "why", just like "therefore" means "because of that". No one mistakes the second one because it's still on use, but the first one is extremely missused.

Kim writes:


Are you referring to "We Are the Other People"
by Oberon Zell? It's a great essay wherein he expounds about the snake telling the truth while God is lying. And other things.

TheAlmightyGuru writes:


I've not read it, but it sounds right up my alley.

dude writes:


i personaly belive that the devil was created to control (the fear motive) because if you say to a child "the devil will kill you and put youre soul in eternal torment!" they will do any thing you tell then if it gets then out of the suposed trouble.

Katy writes:


@Dude - YES - exactly! the concept of Satan was created by the Church to aid in increasing conversions - then again, every culture, upon taking over another culture, demonized their gods in order to proclaim the new gods as the true gods, while the old ones were demons and/or devils.

Sander the Great writes:



Yeah thats true. Thats why a lot of old christian/jewish mythos about Baal Zebb and other so called princes of hell that were originally gods of other cultures.


Oh the irony!