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The punch-line here foreshadows the serpent seed idea from the minority of Christians who believe that Eve and the serpent (AKA Satan) had sex. Hot stuff!

The bible never says what kind of fruit is grown on the tree of knowledge, though the Book of Enoch (non-canon) says the the fruit resembled grapes. However, various people have claimed other fruits, like figs and pomegranates. Those make more sense than apples because apple trees don't exactly grow very well in the Middle East. The attribution to an apple probably comes from a Latin play on words because apple (malus) is very similar to evil (malum).

You'll find the loquacious snake in Genesis 3:1.



Ray writes:


You'd just have to wonder how(Or maybe you don't want to.) how a serpent and a woman would breed with one another to begin with....

Winterset writes:


Oddly, in hebrew mysticism (or maybe just hermetic mysticism) while the path of creation (tree of life) is in the form of a lightning bolt, the return to the divine is visualized as a serpent winding it's way back up the tree. Assuming the sephiroth are fruit on the tree of life, one of the highest fruits would be "knowledge" (understanding/chokmah or wisdom/binah, take your pick). The idea that there are two trees as opposed to two fruits strikes me as being very possibly a mistake in translation based on the assumptions made during the verbal stages of the story-telling. "Life" would have been really one of the low-hanging fruits (Yesod or Netsach, likely) and wouldn't require any massive psychological gymnastics.

Or something.

Since to get to those you have to pass through the Abyss ("Da'ath"), it would make sense that if they came to sample the fruit of knowledge, they would have been brought there by the serpent and would have been sent into Nod (the abyss/nothing), although not really in that order.

Katy writes:


Serpent could be Dragon; Dragon could mean Lucifer the Light-bringer who brought enlightenment to the human race. That's why he is considered to be evil - ignorance is bliss and all humanity therefore has the hate on for the one who caused them to achieve awareness.

Or something. ;-)


Oh the irony!