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God continues to name off people you canít see naked in Leviticus 18:9-10, and the list continues to ruin any semblance of the 1950s idea of the nuclear family. The continuation includes step-mothers and step-fathers, as well as step-grandparents.

But whatís the deal with all of this fear of nudity? Why is God so freaked out by the naked body? Didnít he create humans in the buff to begin with? The Biblical Hebrew reads galah `ervah which literally translates to ďuncover nakedness,Ē but most modern translators interpret it to mean sexual intercourse! Yes, as it turns out, this whole section isnít about nudity at all, but incest! But wait a minute! Since when did God have a problem with incest? Adam and Eveís children, for several generations would have been banging family members. Also, Abraham married Sarah, his half sister, and God blessed their incest with children! And arenít both Moses and Aaron the product of an aunt-nephew marriage? Who is God trying to fool here? Actually, apologists try to get around their bibleís sordid past by claiming that incest wasnít a sin until after God said it was a sin. However, if thatís the case, was murder okay until God said it wasnít? So then why was Cain guilty of sin? Doesnít that also mean that thereís no such thing as objective morals?

But wait a minute. If God means incest when he uses the phrase ďuncover their nakednessĒ what really happened the night Ham saw the nakedness of his father, Noah? That story is becoming darker by the minute!



Ladyofthemasque writes:


...Eek! (*regarding that last comment)

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Oh wow! That gives that story a whole new perspective! That is really interesting.


Oh the irony!