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Unless there is a priestly gene waiting to be discovered, Iím pretty sure that choosing priests based on ability is a far superior method than choosing priests based on who their father is, but in Exodus 28:1-5, familial status wins out. Ah, nepotism, if it wasnít for you, God wouldnít have any priests! Luckily, God will never succumb to cronyism, because that requires friends.

So Aaron and his sons, Nadab, Abihu, Eleazar, and Ithamar are to become priests. And if the bible is truly the word of God, then those extravagant preachers in the Charismatic churches have it right, which means Jesus had it wrong. Ed Youngís $1.5 million estate, private jet, and $1.3 million salary fits perfectly with this passage of the bible. However, if you take a more reasonable approach to the bible and agree that itís cobbled together from stories and priestly documents, then it becomes clear whatís going on. The priests of Yahweh were part of a corrupt social class. It wasnít enough for them to have a backstage pass to the the tabernacle (the accumulation of tribal wealth), they also had to parade around wearing all of that wealth so everyone could see how important they were.

God explains that his priests must dress in this manner so that they will have dignity and honor. This disgusts me. Dignity is an attribute deserved to people, not because they dress in an exorbitant manner, but because they are human beings. Honor comes from being trustworthy and strong of character, it cannot be purchased from a tailor. The idea that dignity and honor come from clothing is entirely juvenile. However, weíre looking at this with the enlightened perspective of secular morals. This passage was written at a time when slavery was the norm and women were akin to cattle, so how out of bounds is it for them to also claim that putting on an expensive suit gave you dignity and honor?



Maju writes:


"God will never succumb to cronyism, because that requires friends".

And he has none - that's what you meant, right?

Baughbe writes:


But can't he make his own friends?

TheAlmightyGuru writes:


@Maju: Exactly!


Oh the irony!