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Ugh, this is tedious! Exodus 27:9-21 talks about a wall of cloth surrounding the tabernacle and some oil lamps that must be kept burning all night long to fuel Godís ego. Once again, God painstakingly details the layout, including the number of poles, their spacing, the type of cloth, the metal fasteners, the colorful gate, even the type of oil to be used in the lamps.

And now you know why people hate reading the bible. Preachers drone on and on about how you can find beauty and truth in the bible, but how are we supposed to find beauty or truth in blueprints. This is a waste of ink. God could be revealing the great truths of life. God could be teaching us the fantastic mysteries of science. At the very least, God could be entertaining. But we get none of these things.

An interesting question to ponder is why God chooses blue, purple, and scarlet for his colors. A quick Google search shows plenty of guesses among amateurs. One common assertion that can be found even biblical commentators (who should know better) is the claim that each color represents an attribute of Jesus. Blue represents his heavenly origin, purple is his royalty, and scarlet is his bloody sacrifice. This, of course, is both obviously retrofitted and highly insulting to Jews who see Jesus as a false prophet.

A secular explanation for these particular colors is that, at the time natural dyes were very expensiveóblue, purple, and scarlet particularly. And since every other part of the tabernacle is made out of the most opulent materials, why not the colors too? Godís all about status.



Maju writes:


"Ugh, this is tedious!"

Of course, it's Da Baybal, what did you expect?

Tigrrr writes:


The bible is so boring. Bring back the slaughter and mayhem.

Baughbe writes:


I'd hate to be typecasting here, but with all this bling, interiour design and fashion advice...doesn't God seem a little... you know...

TheAlmightyGuru writes:


@Baughbe: I hear you. Ever notice how the believers who are so adamantly opposed to same-sex marriage tend to get caught in truck stop bathrooms? The deity doth protest too much, methinks!

Richard writes:


He did create an Adam first... and had to be reminded to create an Eve. Just saying.

Belg writes:


You are straight male god (cause boviously that is what christians belive him to be), now who would you create first to gase up on? A woman in all her beauty, smooth skin, gentle curves, beautiful eyes etc, or some other dude? Now if you are straight indeed th answer is obvious...


Oh the irony!