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Before someone points out that the Old Testament mentions Jesus in the form of messianic prophecy, let me clarify: The Old Testament does not claim that the Messiah would be God incarnate as the Christians state.

The Old Testament is actually the Jewish Tanakh. Well, the two volumes are mostly the same—the Christians removed a few books that they didn't like, but the bulk of it is still there. Because the books are so similar, if you really want to get a good understanding of how to interpret the Old Testament, the Jews can fill you in better than anyone.

In general, the Jews view Jesus as just another man in a long line of false prophets. They are able to cite many passages from Isaiah and Ezekiel which stipulate what the Messiah will be like, and demonstrate how Jesus failed to meet those stipulations. They believe that God is a singular entity, they do not believe in Trinity, and they oppose any who would imply that the Tanakh mentions otherwise. So, the claim that the Old Testament fore-shadows Trinity seems extremely doubtful.



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Why is the book bleeding?

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That's a built-in ribbon bookmark.

Also, I'm a great artist.

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I thought it was bleeding at first too. :-)

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I vote for great artist...

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I second Spectre's vote.

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TAG, you are very right - I read a book discussing how Paul basically created Christianity that was very interesting - I think it was called "The Myth Maker" or something like that - that explained what messiah meant to the Hebrews - he was to be their king who would lead them; just a man, but blessed by god. The concept of the Three-in-One Godhead - Father, Son & Holy Spirit - is a point of dogma. It is surprisingly like the concept of the Triple Goddess ... hmmm ... something else the Church stole from the Pagans in order to encourage membership. In fact, most of the mythology of the bible is pretty much stolen from older myths.

wm writes:


mentioned briefly, god seams to like forshadowing a lot, but he also likes not telling us squat.... then came revalation...i'm not going to go there

Bahookee writes:


Sure he is GOD is salvation = yeshua or Joshua!

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Are you seriously arguing that a person's name affects who they are? Does that mean that only beautiful people are allowed to be named Beau? (


Oh the irony!