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Discussing the matter of multiple gods in the bible is a delicate topic because modern adherents of Abrahamic religions are staunch monotheists. It's considered fighting-words to even imply that other gods exist, let alone claim that their own scriptures indicate multiple gods. Yet, the fact of the matter is, there are over 25 different gods mentioned in the bible specifically by name, and an even larger number of passages in the English bible that imply multiple gods.

It should also be pointed out that the first 66 translations to "God" (singular) in the book of Genesis actually come from the Hebrew Elohim, which means "Gods" (plural).



Baughbe writes:


I have but one thing to say: Thank You! Anyone who has taken an ancient language course that any portion of the Bible was written in (4 I can think of right off) and checked the original words with the King James or any other version knows just how far off they are from what was actually written. Not that what was originally written makes any better sense.

HeebAnon writes:


"Elohim" literally means gods. However, in Biblical Hebrew we often see plurals being used for abstraction - thus "Elohim" could be either "gods" or "godship/godhood/godness". Similarly, the word that is read "Adonai" and often translated as "LORD" could be either "my lords" or "my lordship".

Katy writes:


This is the thing I mentioned before about multiple gods in the bible - Elohim = vengeful, jealous, contradictory; Adonai = forgiving, loving. I would love to quote huge sections of the book "Demonology and Devil Lore" (misnamed before) to make my point, but I don't remember the exact pages and while it wouldn't be terribly hard to look it up, I'm feeling lazy right now ... If you want, as I said, these books (two volumes) are available as free ebooks or, if you can't find them, I can try to email them if you request.

TheAlmightyGuru writes:


Is this volume 1 of what you're talking about?

Katy writes:


Yes, that's Vol. 1. VERY interesting. Vol 2 is a bit tricker to find, but it is out there. If you can't find it, let me know and I'll e-mail it to you - you have a contact link, right?


Oh the irony!