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In Genesis 1:24 God creates land animals.

Also, Quazar likes squirrels.

The squirrel graphic has been derived from an image created by Brieg. The original comes from the coat of arms of Mios, a commune in Gironde, a department of Aquitaine, France.



katelyn writes:


this is so cool. lol

Amber writes:


I like the squirrel too.

Ray writes:


When they're not being pests or aggressive, who DOESN'T love squirrels?

Winterset writes:


My friend JM. He's been traumatized. Even seeing one sends him into a rage.

Bluecheetos writes:



Katy writes:


My dog doesn't like squirrels. I think they taunt him. I know they tell him crazy conspiracy stories, which he then comes in and tells the cat, and which the cat (who is rather credulous) believes and tries to convince me of. I then have to try to undo all the harm done. So, while I think squirrels are cute, I am aggravated by their constant conspiracy theories. Oh, and the swearing - they've taught both my dog and cat some very VERY bad language.

TheAlmightyGuru writes:


Squirrels can be so mischievous!

Techs writes:


Where I went to college we had a big quad with tons of mature trees and grass. Parents brought the family dog who immediately started chasing the squirrels. The one he was chasing would freeze and he would lose track of it for a second. Then a different squirrel would start running and he would chase that one. This required prescise timing. They kept this up for at about 4 squirrels till we called him back

HoneyThistle writes:


I wish MY doggie would chase squirrels...

Bahookee writes:


We can trace back contemporary animals to fellow animals that are within the SAME species or KIND just as the bible said ... Please show me the bone or fossil record one a animal from one species to other completely different species!!!!

TheAlmightyGuru writes:


The technical word "species" is not the same as the ambiguous religious word "kind".

As for the evidence, the Wikipedia page on fish evolution is quite expansive and covers many new species that evolved over time. (


Oh the irony!