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And then Genesis 1:21 goes right back to using the word "created" for whales. Sheesh—make up your mind!



Veritas writes:


Awesome whale. o3o

And I'm loving Quazar's smart remarks. ^w^

Cruentusgladius writes:


The funniest thing about this comic are the google ads to the right. "Oh the Irony" haha. ADS FAIL :P

Sara writes:


lol ^.^ oh and the whales tail looks like a heart. u know i always wondered. who is talking to him? O.o rofl

rimecuka writes:


The question isn't 'who' is talking, it's 'why' they're talking. How can they really tell if we are watching them through this comic? Or why everything needs to be narrated just in case a third person is watching every action. My suspension of disbeleif is ruined! Ruined I tell you, RUINED!

Amber writes:


Your whale is so cute. Did you draw him all by yourself?

TheAlmightyGuru writes:


I did actually! It's one of the few graphics I've made that slightly resembles what it's supposed to be!

Spectre100 writes:


Blast! my previous theories are destroyed, Land has been created and yet Quazar stands on the water still...

Bluecheetos writes:


Unlike ducks god LIKES whales, and therefore takes credit for them. 8D

Katy writes:


@Cruentusgladius - Well, everyone is entitled to their opinion - let me give you mine, it's better than yours ... personally, I think the funniest thing about this comic is the comment section.

JFluffy writes:


i just realised, when you want him to, Quazar stands on water.
you created him.
jesus walks on water.
god made the universe.
you made this universe.

hippopotamus critic.


Oh the irony!