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This is exactly what I'm talking about. Be slightly vague with one word and suddenly, God didn't create the birds, something else did.

By the way, he's a ducky.



rimecuka writes:


Does this mean that ducks are not one of gods creatures?And we should exterminate them all in a mass holy genocide? DEATH TO THE DUCKS!

Sara writes:


ducks r evil

Amber writes:


I like the ducky.

Winterset writes:


So does Ze Frank.

No really. He has a thing. You can look it up.

Katy writes:


The fire-breathing ducks created in the labs are not god's creatures, anyway ... but they fizzle out as soon as they hit the water, so that's OK ...

wm writes:


the question is do they weigh the same as a witch

Bahookee writes:


We now know what about living creatures? All of them are made of what element that is 70% consisting of their make up? WATER

TheAlmightyGuru writes:


The composition of living things are incredibly diverse making it unwise to assume that the percentage of water found in humans must also be the same for all other life. Besides, humans are only about 57% water. (

Also, water is not an element.


Oh the irony!