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The best thing about the bible is that it was obviously not written by lawyers. Lawyers have this uncanny ability to word documents in such a precise way that it becomes nearly impossible to find a loophole. The bible, on the other hand, is so vague and imprecise that you can pretty much twist the words so that it says whatever you want it to say, like Quazer is about to do with Genesis 1:20.



Spectre100 writes:


animals rising from the sea? i didn't think creationists believed in any of the evolutionary theories like these...

Bluecheetos writes:


So... birds were the first race?

TheAlmightyGuru writes:


That depends on whether you're reading Genesis 1 or Genesis 2!

HeebAnon writes:


Bad translation again. What it says is better translated as "Let the waters teem with teeming things - living soul(s), and flying things (literally speaking, the word for bird, "'of" is formed from the verbal root meaning to fly, whence "flying things") that shall fly above/over (Hebrew doesn't have that many prepositions, so "above" or "over" is the best translation in this case) the land, on the face of the firmament (or whatever 'raqia' really means - nobody's 100% sure) of the heavens/skies/heaven/sky."

JFluffy writes:


@Bluecheetos technically, yes. birds evolved from dinosaurs.

nobody writes:


@JFluffy nah, birds are dinosaurs.

TheAlmightyGuru writes:


Yay, another cladist!


Oh the irony!