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Woo-hoo! Finally, in Genesis 1:16, God creates the Sun! And it's about time too! The Sun is most likely the energy source that allowed life on Earth to be possible, and continues to sustain that life. Without the Sun, the Earth would become a lifeless rock in space in a very short period of time. The bible, on the other hand, depicts the sun as a mere "stellar nightlight" that keeps the bogyman of the darkness away. It's rather disappointing when something so important doesn't get the top billing it deserves, but you have to remember that when the bible was written, most people still believed that the Sun rotated around the Earth.

Please note that Quazar looks like a bad-ass in shades.



Spectre100 writes:


In one life, you're Quazar Anderson, Accountant. In the other, you go by the webcomic author alias 'TheAlmightyGuru'...

Excuse me ... writes:


... Mr. Anderson ... but you have to come with me ... ;-)

*snicker* Mr. Anderson ... Hehehehehehehehe.

I'm sorry, but I can't hear the name Mr. Anderson without thinking of the guy from the Matrix and I just loved that character ... he was just so deadpan ... at least at first before he went completely bug-house nuts ...

HoneyThistle writes:


Teeheehee... Am really enjoying this comic...!

Bahookee writes:


Math at would be an issue with your lesser god...But the God of Abraham Isaac and Jacob no problem ? he said let there be what LIGHT the sun has a beginning in this case the third day and an ending!

Corruption writes:


The original word used meant period of time, and could mean age, era, day, or many other such things.

TheAlmightyGuru writes:


Yes, but each day is described as having a period of light and darkness, indicating a normal 24-hour day. But, really, we're trying to figure out the intent of a group of Bronze-aged men writing in an ambiguous syntax about an invisible man in the sky who created the universe ex nihilo. I don't think there's much content capable of being reasoned out properly.


Oh the irony!