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Special pleading is one of the more common logical fallacies used by Abrahamic religions. This is especially true when gods do things that their own scriptures condemn. The double standard of astrology can be seen here, but there are others. For example, there are many instances in the bible where God brutally kills a great number of people. Christians and Jews claim that killing is wrong because it is one of the ten commandments, but when God kills people it's considered perfectly moral. This doesn't add up.



Kamatu writes:


Well, actually you are using special pleading repeatedly in your strip. Now it might be from ignorance, but there are more translations than the KJV. Of course, it works out so much better for your position that way.

It appears to be much more than ignorance though, when you have your stick figure complaining about God not creating matter yet. Ummm, didn't you read the first verse? About creating the heavens and the earth? That makes you look a bit stupid.

It also appears that way from the way you edited the verse on signs to make it all about astrology instead of timekeeping so that you could make your fake contradiction claim.

Oh well, have fun, but an atheist I admired did teach me that if you cannot argue logically and coherently for the position you oppose, then you are too ignorant to have a valid opinion.

TheAlmightyGuru writes:


I own several versions of the bible, so I'm aware of the various translations. I even have a digital copy of Wyclif's Bible from 1382!

I'm glad you brought up the point that the authors of each version of the bible are use words inconsistently in their translations. When two translations are mismatched does the fault lie on God or on the translators? It's easy to blame the translators, but they're doing the best they can with the source material at their disposal. It's not their fault the Ancient Hebrew bible was written so ambiguously. It's not their fault God doesn't translate it for them to clear up the inconsistencies. I chose the KJV for this comic because it is the only version officially authorized by Christians (at least it was back in 1611).

As for your comment re my quote mining--the KJV reads, "let them be for signs, and for seasons, and for days, and years." To me, it sounds like the stars are for signs (i.e., astrology) -in addition- to timekeeping, not just timekeeping as you imply.

Spectre100 writes:


Valid points on both sides but i'm afraid point is going to have to go to blue corner.
Omission of a detail does not necessarily dictate ignorance to that detail, merely presuming subjective knowledge by the reader of the subject matter. In a published scientific work, quote-mining would be unfathomable considering the implied bias, Webcomic, not so much.

Winterset writes:


I'd also have to argue that if you're going to call someone out on their debate style, using name-calling doesn't really strengthen your position. Besides, I really tend to doubt something called "The Blasphemer's Bible" is really intended to debate anything. One debates in an effort to convince the other side of one's point, and the name of this comic pretty much shows unequivicolly he's selecting his audience from those who are already on his side. Just to use the colloquialism, he'd be preaching to the choir.

TheAlmightyGuru writes:


I prefer the twisted adage, "preaching to the perverted." :-)

Katy writes:


Everyone keeps referring to the "Hebrew" Bible. The first books of the bible weren't written in Hebrew, they were likely written in either Greek or Aramaic; the new testament especially was mostly written originally in Greek. *shrug*

TheAlmightyGuru writes:


@Katy: The New Testament was indeed written mostly in ancient Greek, however, the Old Testament, was written primarily in Biblical Hebrew. It has been translated into Greek numerous times, but the oldest known manuscript, the Masoretic text, is Biblical Hebrew.

wm writes:


prety sure he meant like sines for navigation

TheAlmightyGuru writes:


@wm: But are you sure because astrology has since been proven invalid? If you were born 3,000 years ago when most cultures were practicing astrology, would you still be so sure?


Oh the irony!