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The background picture is a photograph by Daniel Schwen. I've emphasized the stars and drawn the connecting lines of the famous constellation Orion.



haileris writes:


That's not wrong but consider these signs not only some nonsense for astrologers, astrologians, whatever these are called.
Signs in the sky and the stars have been essential in early navigation on sea and that's pretty scientific (try to do it, it's really not that easy!)

TheAlmightyGuru writes:


You're right, of course, that the position of the stars are very important to navigation. However, it would be disingenuous to claim that the bible isn't referring to astrology.

Astrology was a major part of the lives of people during this time in history as evidenced by much of the writing from the period.

The bible itself contains several passages relating to astrology. The Genesis passage has already been mentioned, but furthermore, Matthew 2 talks about the three wise men learning about Jesus' birth from a star; Luke 21:25-26 talks about signs from the Sun, Moon, and stars; and Job 38:31-33 references several constellations and talks about the influence they have on people.

haileris writes:


k, thx for that!
Kind of funny how the three wise men followed the star. This leads directly to the next comic, doesn't it? It's cool to have a star pointing out the place where the son of god happens to be born, but if you assume anything else is written in the stars, you're damned.
Kind of funny actually.

I really like this comic. I recently converted to Discordianism from being a Catholic ;) ;)

Katy writes:


@haileris - there are a lot of recovering Catholics among the heathen masses. Welcome among us. Hail Eris, Fnord Fnord Fnord!

(of course, I'm actually a Dianic Witch, but being Eris is a Goddess, I can get behind her just fine *grin*)

Techs writes:


Dang, pardon my french, I forgot the wisemen using forbidden astrology in support of god.

SoapyCola writes:


Katy, your religion is just as bs as Christianity, infact. Real bull's shit has more validity to it.

HoneyThistle writes:


I seriously doubt you're going to convince her that any opinion you hold is a valid one if all you're going to do is insult her.
More flies with honey and all that.

Bahookee writes:


It's only man as the bible says takes what is Godly and makes it sinful. Just as you have attempted to do here

TheAlmightyGuru writes:


Are you suggesting that astrology is moral when performed by God, but evil when performed by humans?


Oh the irony!