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Yes, in Genesis 1:14 the bible advocates using stars for signs (AKA astrology). Of course, Isaiah 47:13 says that astrologers, stargazers, and monthly prognosticators will burn in fire. Apparently, it's okay to use the stars for signs, but woe onto those who actually try to read those signs.

Educated people know that astrology doesn't work. All the clinical tests show that it's ineffective and astrologers can't even come up with a mechanism explaining how it could work. While the elimination of astrology would certainly help humanity by making people take more responsibility for their actions and stop wasting their money on charlatans, there's nothing really that immoral about astrology—certainly nothing worth burning in Hell for an eternity.



DoomRater writes:


Another miss- it's to think they hold people's fortunes or destiny that was forbidden, to think they had any power over men's fate.

I'm sure you'll respond with Star of David, but notice who is attributed that phenomenon- not the "star" itself!

TheAlmightyGuru writes:


From what I've read, the Star of David is meant to symbolize God's power to shield us and protect us; the hexagram shape doesn't correlate to a stellar bodies. So, I agree that it is not related to astrology.

The purpose of this comic is to point out the superstitious astrological nature of the authors of Genesis. If God wanted to tell his children something, there are many effective ways to do so. He could broadcast deafening words and vocalize his message to the ears of everyone on Earth. He could rain pamphlets down that explain his message in every language. He could skip all the nonsense and simply implant the message directly into our brains. But no, the authors of Genesis claim that he communicates with easily misinterpreted signs in the stars. This seems incredibly silly to people who realize that astrology is bunk, but it makes perfect sense if you believe it.

Everyone interprets the bible differently. Some claim that the passages that appear to condone astrology actually do not. I disagree with those people.

Winterset writes:


It's my understanding (again from the hebrew mysticism/ceremonial magik pov) that the star of david's two triangles represent the upper and lower triads of the tree of life and thereby symbolize the concept of "As Above, So Below" and "The Microcosm within the Macrocosm". Both act as a defensive ward, as you suggest, by bringing the power of the universe (deity) to bear in a crossed pattern which has been used as a protective hex in most ancient cultures.

Anon writes:


It should be noted that there's another explanation which makes sense when you consider that the ancient Hebrews were living in the Levant - the stars can be used for navigation and for calendar-keeping.

Katy writes:


As someone who has been around serious scholars of astrology, I have to disagree with those who call it bunk. Oh, sure, it can't predict the future, but there are literally centuries of study into the psychology of people based upon their birth dates and how their astrological signs and charts predict their behaviour. I have seen too often how eerily right it is to dismiss it out of hand - I'm not a credulous person, but I'm willing to explore various unusual branches simply out of curiosity and this was one that bore surprising fruit. I am, BTW, NOT an astrological scholar, so please don't start questioning me and asking me to back up things, because I can't - I can only say that, <b>based upon my observations of several people and the interpretation of their complete astrological birth charts as both explained to me by an expert and then confirmed to myself using various research items</b>, I have found astrology to be surprisingly accurate in predicting a person's behaviour and personality.

TheAlmightyGuru writes:


@Katy: I don't doubt that you've observed plenty of events that seems too accurate to be merely coincidence. The human brain is great at identifying patterns, so great, that we sometimes read patterns into places where they don't exist. Truth lies not in what things seem to be, but what they are.

Scientists understand this, and that is why they specifically design tests to avoid false patterns. And, when astrology is put into a scientific tests, it fails.

I direct you to the Wikipedia article on research in astrology:

Double U writes:


"Truth lies not in what things seem to be, but what they are." So true. I have a relative that needs to hear this.

Anyway, I like to give the proverbial "benefit of a doubt" here. These "signs" may not be for astrology, but for weather, seasons, cosmology, agriculture, and so on. Polaris points north, but it doesn't tells us when we will find our true love or make our fortune.

Techs writes:


Astrology is based upon the accurate location of the stars and planets at the time of birth. Through most of history it was suppose to predict the future. Nearly 2,000 years ago the Romans made a star chart that has been used by Wester astrologers since then. The stars/houses have moved about 1/2 a house since then, but horoscopes are still based on their location almost 2 K years ago. This kind of ruins a lot of readings.
Science has brought this to the attention of astrologers several times and most ignore it and continue to use the same star charts. Othersw have switched to modern star charts and some even say it never matter anyhow, but their readings are still correct.

Katy writes:


Again, I did NOT say astrology predicted the future and we should all read our horoscopes. I said that the position of the stars at birth (the natal chart) seems to have an effect upon a person's personality. But Tech is right - the signs have shifted. A teacher I took some classes from in 1998 and 1999 told me about this, that the stars had actually shifted a full house.

As far as the "stars for signs" vs. "astrology is evil," consider all the prophets in the bible. But telling the future is supposed to be forbidden - except for the prophets that are OKed somehow? At the same time, it is written that Yahweh will give false prophecies to someone and then CONDEMN THEM FOR BELIEVING IT ... even though it came direct from god ... so I think that tells us we should take everything written in the bible with a huge grain of salt ...

SoapyCola writes:


Katy, believing in astrology is no different than believing in creationism. They're both bullshit, they're both contradictory, and they both require "belief" rather than proof. Pseudo science is just as bad as religion.

Bahookee writes:


Really where does he say seek out the stars for your destiny? I see your bias...tell me every society and culture has the zodiac in their culture the zodiac predate the oldest culture if you find an ancient extinct culture you have a common understanding of the zodiac? The same symbols used in every culture though they ever interelated? How God says in the bible He placed the zodiac symbols as a message of MY glory read the book by dj Kennedy of the Constellations the original sign is the sky God says He placed for man in the bible

TheAlmightyGuru writes:


I never said the bible says, "seek out the stars for your destiny," just that in Genesis, it is written to use stars for "signs".

The Zodiac was invented around 600 BCE in the Middle East and later spread to many cultures. However, not every culture in the world uses the Zodiac, and they certainly don't use the same symbols. Chinese astrology, for example, is very different. (

Here is a document about astrology written by DJ Kennedy. His work is unbelievably credulous and factually wrong in many places. (


Oh the irony!