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Jacob's Ladder, just like the Tower of Babel before it, and the firmament in the sky before that, illuminates a major problem with the bible. While the authors may have been intelligent for their time, they would not be smarter than a fifth grader today, especially in matters of science.

If you ask a modern believer where Heaven is located, they will probably talk about some vague nebulous alternate existence. When you ask them about Jacob's Ladder, they will probably answer that it was a metaphor or an allegory. However, people living thousands of years had no concept of outer space, and actually believed that Heaven was a place up in the sky, just beyond their reach. Not metaphorically, not allegorically, but actually.

The reason why people now view these passages of the bible as allegories is because science has long since proved them erroneous. Otherwise, angels would be interfering with our satellite reception. This same redacted thinking is used by believers about the bible's passages that describe a flat, stationary, unchanging Earth and the passages that talk about unicorns and dragons. It's very easy to spin a passage into whatever you want it to say, but if you actually care enough to be intellectually honest, and put yourself in the shoes of these ancient people, then you have to admit that the bible is centuries out of date.

To preempt the nay-sayers, yes, Genesis 28:10-12 is a dream, but that dream is also consistent with the other non-dream descriptions of Heaven throughout the bible.

I should also point out that today is Friday the 13th. So, if you have friggatriskaidekaphobia, you should probably stay in bed and cry big irrational tears. Sissy.



Ray writes:


Apparently, Jacob dreamt of satellites too. That said, if Jacob's going to try to build what I think he's going to try to build, I wonder if anyone in The Bible has ever tried to make a highway to Hell.

TheAlmightyGuru writes:


@Ray: A highway to Hell would be infinitely cooler than an elevator to Heaven.

Monty writes:


As far as routes to heaven go, I much prefer a stairway.

Baughbe writes:


Well, If the basics of the concept is that heaven is beyond what we know the world/universe consists of, then you would have a ladder millions of light-years long to finally reach beyond the known area of the universe. And for those of us who love to play with the topologies of curved space, the ladder would end up with some rather interesting properties. Good luck climbing that!

Mr-know-it-all writes:


Nah, the ladder would be perfectly straight, because YOU too would be curved by the curved space. If you want a freaky stairway, sorry, you have to build it like that.

That's a nice dream and all but whatever happened to the soap opera we were watching?

TBman256 writes:


watch out for jason

TheAlmightyGuru writes:


@Monty: We can also expect escalators to Heaven, firepoles to Heaven, teleporters to Heaven, ropes to Heaven, probably ICBMs to Heaven.

Tmowlee writes:


This looks sort of like an alien abduction.

Melendur writes:


That poor angel that got hit by a satellite... I think its halo fell off too.

ooo jacob is going toe wrestle with god and see his face without dying next! :D


Oh the irony!