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Add "taking advantage of the disabled" to the list of things you can learn from the bible.

Too bad Rebekah proves her stupidity in Genesis 27:11-14. She's going to try and fool a blind man into thinking a flayed goat skin is the same as human hair. If you've ever been to a petting zoo, lived on a farm, or have a functioning brain, you'll know that goat hair doesn't feel even remotely like human hair, regardless of how 1970s-porn-star the person is.

Rebekah disrespects her husband's wishes and Jacob disrespects his father's wishes. They also both recognize that they're doing wrong—Jacob recognizes his father will curse him, and Rebekah says she will take the blame if they are caught. Yet, even with their admitted misdeeds, it is Esau who is traditionally viewed as the bad egg of the family. As usual, believers vilify the wrong person, which makes me wonder how they view morality in general.

Am I spinning the story too much? It's certainly possible, but I don't think so. I mean, what has Esau done to deserve having his entire inheritance pulled out from under him? Marry a couple Hittites? Is that really worthy of God's ire? It's not like he's a racist homophobic anti-Semitic nutjob i.e., God… or Mel Gibson, take your pick.



Ray writes:


Yeah, I can image goat hair feeling different. Although how a specie's(How DO you use (species) possessively?) hair feels is not something I expect one to be thinking of.
Also, it's usually bad when & if your father is groping you. Especially if next time, you're gonna be in a goat skin.

Finally: And then Esau was a bear.

hmmm.... writes:


Esau marrying the Hittites is not the main problem as much as him not obeying his parents wishes that he should not marry them. This can be interpreted as rebelliousness and ? hence the bad egg

Baughbe writes:


Precisely, Esau not doing exactly what is expected of him is why he's the bad guy. And cheating and lying and stealing done by Jacob is what is expected of him so that makes him the good guy. Is it me, or are we living the the literary evil alter universe?

Tmowlee writes:


This is one of the few old testiment stories that I remember from my Sunday school days. It didn't make any sense to me even then. They never elaborated on why Jacob would deserve the inheritance more.

Anyway why are they going to feed him goat? Doesn't that taste different too.

tallguy writes:



Mr-know-it-all writes:


I just want to point out that they are in no way showing any guilt over all of this. Knowing that their actions will (probably) have consecuences does not make you any morally right, particularly if this knowledge doesn't cause you to stop on your behaviour, but to look for a way to bypass said consecuences.

Rebekah's offer to take blame for her son COULD be considered sort of noble-ish, but not nearly enough to offset the blatant display of backstabyness and general idiotitude.

Man, am I having fun with suffixes today, or what?

Izzy writes:


Line of the week: He's blind, not retarded!

Chris writes:


Did.... did you just subtly call Mel Gibson God?

Sander the Great writes:


This is one of the storie I was taught as a child (you know since you know my sunday school did skip over a lot of the murder and rape. This story always as wrong. Let trick old blind stupid dad. Its this story that first got me questioning my religion.


Oh the irony!