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Plants began as algae around 1.2 billion years ago. The algae slowly evolved into mosses and fern which reproduce with spores. It wasn't until about 400 million years ago that seeds finally appeared on the scene.



Katy writes:


Seeds, spore, algae (however they reproduce) ... *waves hand airily* it's all the same!!! Pffft. :-)

TheAlmightyGuru writes:


Sadly, this is often the attitude of believers. If you answer every question with "God did it!" you start to lose any ambition to find out the real reason behind it.

This Site is a FAIL. writes:


And yet we keep finding older and older fossils...

were you Catholic at one time or something? Someone was evil to you, so sad.

This Site is a FAIL.

TheAlmightyGuru writes:


@This Site is a FAIL.: Could you please direct me to a resource that shows plant fossils older than 1.2 billion years?

Nope, never Catholic. Although, I'm familiar with your argument, that only a severely abused person could ever become an atheist. It didn't take any abuse, just applying the scientific method and being honest with myself.

someguy writes:


i wasn't familiar with that argument, but i believe it is called an ad hominem attack

Dixieland Delight writes:


What's sad is the fact that people like TSIAF accuse atheists of being abused/whatever and they are the ones who turn on their own family for being gay or not believing, but continue to glorify their family who sleep around, do drugs, have children they can't take care of; all because of some book a bunch of desert men wrote 2,000+ years ago... Grr.

Katy writes:


TAG wrote: "If you answer every question with "God did it!" you start to lose any ambition to find out the real reason behind it."

Thus the burning of scientists as heretics ...

SoapyCola writes:


What if you ARE an actual heretic, and an apostate AND an enemy of the church? Oh wait, this America, I can do all that. :D

wm writes:


and you think that hebrew had a word for spores as opposed to seeds?
think of the language barrior

TheAlmightyGuru writes:


@wm: I don't think the ancient Hebrews knew very much about biology at all, which is why their creation myth has such a childish interpretation.

Voodude writes:


I don't buy in to the "the explained it as well as they could understand it" bit. If God could put together living creatures, down to the subatomic level, and create complex ecosystems using very specific conjunctions of all these diverse plants and animals... he couldn't make them understand? Really?

Bahookee writes:


How did the tree and plants without as you say had no seed populate the terrain? Look at a plants or animals what? DNA ...oops a word that confounds evolutionists where did or does DNA come from?

TheAlmightyGuru writes:


Read the comic's descriptive paragraph and you will learn how plants reproduced before seeds evolved; spores.

The origin of DNA does indeed confound scientists, but you'll find that, unlike some religious people, scientists enjoy mysteries. One of the hypotheses to solve that mystery is the RNA world hypothesis. (


Oh the irony!