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Abiogenesis is a field of study pertaining to how life can form from non-life. There are numerous abiogenesis theories, but the most popular is the primordial soup theory. This theory was tested in the Miller-Urey experiment where several amino acids, the building blocks of life, spontaneously formed.

Simon Andrews took this microscopic picture of green algae, one of the more basic forms of life.



Bluecheetos writes:


Wow! my great great X10^999999th ancestors looked awful.

This Site is a FAIL. writes:


doesnt this slide show the same thing GOD's account says?


This Site is a FAIL.

TheAlmightyGuru writes:


@This Site is a FAIL.: If you maintain that God used abiogenesis and evolution over the course of the 4.6 billion years, then yes.

Katy writes:



Samael writes:


Which beats the other claim I've heard: that God created fossils and evidence of a gradual development of the planet and life itself in order to throw everyone off track.

Great. God is a troll.

SoapyCola writes:


Actually, Abiogenesis has only 2 accepted 'theories'. Both are known as pseudo theories however. The rest are hypothesis'. A scientific theory is merely an amalgamation of known facts, with a conclusion, concluded, from said facts.


Oh the irony!