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In Genesis 11:9 we learn that God is responsible for confusion. This contradicts I Corinthians 14:33 which says that Goes is not the author of confusion. It's as if the authors of the New Testament didn't even bother to read the Old Testament.

The Tower of Babel story is most likely a legend, but even if it did take place, the bible has the wrong time. The new languages that God supposedly created would have poofed into existance at around 2000 BCE. However, we have numerous specimens of writing in multiple languages that date hundreds of years prior.

There may be several buildings that inspired the Tower of Babel legend. Obviously, they wouldn't have reached Heaven, but there were many large buildings in the ancient world. The ziggurat Etemenanki is a prime candidate. The huge building, dedicated to the god Marduk, was located in ancient Babylon. Many Hebrews were in captivity in Babylon, and they could have crafted stories about the zigguret into their lore.

One final note on this story, if God really wanted to stop humans from becoming too powerful, he really should have come up with something a bit more diabolical than simply making us speak different languages. Humans have made great strides at bridging language gaps with utilities like Babel Fish. Also, the number of languages on Earth is shrinking, and humans seem to be migrating to a single global language. I guess you can't keep a good human race down.



Uncle Jellyfish writes:


I want that man's hat...the one on the left.

Ray writes:


So, does anyone(TAG included, since he probably does.) have a translation of the speech of the person in the background? But yeah, we have formal-speak, street-speak, I'm half-expecting to see nerd-speak come up.

By the way, what's Marmite??

TheAlmightyGuru writes:


Marmite is a savory brown paste made from yeast and used as a spread for crackers, toast, etc. It's semi-popular in the UK where it is eaten by old people with bad breath.

TBman256 writes:


like vegemite?

TheAlmightyGuru writes:


Yup! Vegemite is a similar product, made to resemble Marmite, but with a less overpowering flavor.

Ray writes:


Sorry to post twice on the same comic, but while you're answering questions/fulfilling requests, can you translate the speech of the person in the background near the tower?

TheAlmightyGuru writes:


It's from a Monty Python sketch. I'm sure someone who possesses mad inter-web searching skillz will be able to figure it out. 5 points to the first one to post it here!

Baughbe writes:


@ Uncle Jellyfish: My left or your left?

rimecuka writes:


The phrase is in hungarian, and in the monty python sketch, they are mostly speaking gibberish. Although this phrase means, "my hovercraft is full of eels".


thatpersonoverthere writes:


Forget his hat, I want that spiffy monocle! And I honestly never connected Babel fish like that...I just thought they wanted to be cool and mispell babble. Also? Pants on the floor.

Veritas writes:


I will not buy this record, eet is scratched.

Rimecuka, that sketch is hilarious. Nice reference, TAG!

TheAlmightyGuru writes:


Love to the Python and 5 points to rimecuka!

Angua writes:


How can a couple be created with many different languages?

Kim writes:


"My hovercraft is full of eels!" ?!?!?!

TheAlmightyGuru writes:


Here is one version of the sketch:

Üdv Magyarországról writes:


Hey, don't sweat at the Hungarians. We read your comic, too. ;)
Although it's true that most of the foreigners keep our language hard to learn. Rest assured: it isn't. Even our children can learn it. :P

Üdv Magyarországról writes:


...and I meant "don't swear at"... :D
Sorry for my English.

Katy writes:


@Üdv Magyarországról The only swearing I will be doing is at myself as I try to figure out how to pronounce your name! Glad to have you here!

re: TAG's rant - it is quite obvious that the authors of the New Testament wanted to make Yahweh the "good guy," which is highly ironical based upon on all the nasty stuff he did in the Old Testament ...

Oops - nap now zzzzz

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