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God curses Cain with two awful curses in Genesis 4:11-12. First, God tells Cain that the land will no longer produce food for him. Inability to grow crops... yes, that's a good punishment for murder. The next time you meet someone who can't keep plants alive, you may want to do a background check on them. Chances are, they murdered a sibling or two.

The second curse is that Cain must wander the land as a vagabond and fugitive. Of course, this curse only lasts a few years, tops.

At this point, Cain is supposed to whine to God and say that his punishment is too great, and that anyone who meets him will try to kill him. That, of course, is stupid. The only other people in existence are Adam and Eve and they've spent God knows how long lazing about in an enchanted garden eating bon bons and getting fat. Cain has been working the fields everyday, tilling the soil and bucking bales of hay—his muscles are practically chiseled from stone. Gee, I wonder who would win in a fight?

Also, the cast page has been updated with Cain and Abel.



Ray writes:


Lol, my money is on Cain. And I'm sure having killed his brother helped his physique as well.

Now I just have to wonder if he'll kill Adam & Eve. Lol, probably not. Oh well....

Uncle Jellyfish writes:


And thus, Cain founded the Brotherhood of NOD.

TheAlmightyGuru writes:


Command and Conquer FTW!

Uncle Jellyfish writes:


And Eve joined the GDI.

Baughbe writes:


And thus 'Desperado' floats through my head. I guess you know how old I am, if you're old enough to know when that came out! And coming soon, Cain meets people out of nowhere!

Katy writes:


Oops ... is this a bad time to mention I have a brown thumb? I mean ... I've killed CACTUS, aloe vera, geraniums ... I just can NOT keep plants alive ... @Baughbe ... I love "Desperado" - well, most of the stuff by the Eagles, really. Good stuff ...

TheAlmightyGuru writes:


@Katy: Try growing plastic plants. They're much harder to kill.


Oh the irony!